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1)  Admission going on for 2017 - 2018
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2) Welcome to Holy Cross School, Nichitpur
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The Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, imbued with the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and inspired with founders charism of "compassionate love to all", value the apostolate of education a very effective expression of the charism. The motto of the Congregation is "the need of the time is the will of God".
Our Vission
Urged by the Lord's compassionate love, challenged by need of time and as sharers of the mystery of Christ's Death and Resurrection, we, the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in India commit ourselves to proclaim The Good News and strive for the creation of a new society of wholesome individuals, families and
Our Mission
Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus, who came to give fullness of life to all, and his call to spread the Good News of love, peace, justice and fraternity of all nations,and stirred by the example and directions of our Founders, Fr. Theodisius Florentini and Mother Maria Theresa Scherer in their

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